Product List :

Bone Cutting Instruments

Bone & Plate Holding Foreceps

Bone Plates

Bone Screws

Drill Systems

Dynamic HIP & Condylar Implant

External Fixators - Illizaroove

External Fixators - Tubular

General Ortho Instruments

Intramedullary Nails

Locking Plates & Screws

Mini Implants

Pins & Wire

Plaster Cutting Instruments

Plating Instruments

Spine Instruments

Wire Twister Circular
Cat No. 186.001
Wire Twister Circular
Wire Twister And Tightner
Cat No. 186.002
Wire Twister And Tightner
Wire Passer ( Small & Large)
Cat No. 186.003 & 186.004
Wire Passer
Bone AWL
Cat No. 188.001
Bone AWL
K-Wire Introducer
Cat No. 187.001
K-Wire Introducer
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