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Dynamic HIP & Condylar Implant

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External Fixators - Tubular

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About Company :
RNS SURGICALS was founded in year 1999 and has since been developing and marketing Implants and Instruments for Orthopedic Surgeries.

We are Using AISI-316L Stainless Steel & Titanium Grade V for Implants, SS 304 for External Fixators.

Our Implants and Instruments are manufactured as per International Norms and guaranteed for quality and accuracy. Our products passes through all quality tests required to maintain quality and accuracy.
Our Implants & Instruments are used...

Bone Screws :
Cortical Screw 3.5mm
Cortical Screw 3.5mm
Cat No. 02.010 to 02.050
Size : 10 to 50mm (2mm Diff)
Bone Plates :
Small Dynamic Compression Plate 3.5mm
Small Dynamic Compression Plate 3.5mm
Cat No. 21.004 to 21.014
Size : 4 Holes to 14 Holes
Dynamic HIP & Condylar Implant :
DCS Barrel Plate 95 degree
DCS Barrel Plate 95 degree
Cat No. 59.004 to 59.018
Size : 4 Holes to 18 Holes
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